Liliana Iturriaga

Santiago, Chile

THE SINUOSITY OF THE LINE series is the representation of linear movements in geometric compositions that require no pre-established parameters, incorporating the gestures and the basic uncertainty of organic corporal movement. Clean, pure overlapping linear compositions produce constant vibration in visual readings. Harmony and order show esthetics with an expressive capacity to transmit energy and sensations, able to craft emotions.

The project inquires into those aspects not usually treated in depth, placing emphasis on free forms. By going beyond pre-established limits, gesture and the physical action of movement are incorporated; thus converting sinuosity into a sort of language through subtle and delicate ripples admitting unrestrained expressions, showing hesitant, startling or uncertain paths, reaching active compositions of considerable visual impact.

Divergence from Euclidian geometry enlivens these works with a less rigid air. Torsion gives way to an unstable zone that is no stranger to random luck. The use of curvature is not consistent either, establishing varying values of irregular contours; similarly fractal expansions behave in organic life, relativity concepts in the cosmos or geological layers, as indelible prints of the dynamics in tectonic plaques and evolutionary events of our planet.


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