Kunibert Fritz

Lamalou Le Vieux, France

Since 1995 I have used a computer to compose my paintings. A grid of equal-sized squares governs the space. I seek balance and a dynamic equilibrium through relationships and tensions produced by similarity and contrast. The computer allows me to experiment with seemingly endless color combinations. Beginning with a regularly ordered distribution of color on a grid, this order is thrown apart using a computer program.

A decisive criterion for me in composing a painting is that some expression of the grid be preserved. Within this structure, I want the viewer to be able to discover and rediscover relationships among the colored squares. My goal is to lead the viewer through the momentary, automatic movement of the eye to one of a controlled, considered movement. Combinations continually arise and dissolve in the mind as the viewer’s eyes “walk“ over the grids of colored squares. This produces a sense of movement and, to me, a kind of music.

In the paintings from the Mikado and Allegro series, the grid I use is different, a combination of large and small squares and vertical lines.

To develop the formal structure of my paintings of the last two years, I use the Fibonacci sequence—an infinite sequence of numbers that begins with 0 1 1 2, and where each successive number is the sum of its two predecessors. I select a group of colors of greater or lesser contrast to create an overall equilibrium. No element should dominate another.

1. I have chosen the Fibonacci sequence because it produces a clear, controlled sense of movement that takes place on the grid of equal-sized squares.

2. I choose a color sequence of, for example, 5 or 7 colors. This sequence also allows me to achieve a controlled sense of movement on the surface of the grid.

The distribution of the colors is determined by a computer program and is made by chance.

The grid is the basis for the equal-sized squares; it generates the beat. The Fibonacci sequence governs the color sequence and produces the melody. Together they create movement, sound or melody.

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