Kim Uchiyama

New York, New York, USA

Geometric Painting—Universal and Personal Aspects

It is exciting to visualize the potential for that which is not yet in form. Through the act of painting, we share in the language of geometry and abstraction and the common spirit that develops among those who seek to give this language value. The creation of abstract space is characterized by this collaborative effort and by an abiding faith in the principles of plasticity—the idea that space in a painting—its internal geometry—is literally shaped and formed by underlying pressures and energies. Conceived thus, a painting is made concrete by its organization and speaks to the viewer through considerations of shape and the relationship of its elements. It is this idea of geometry that is the basis for creating structured expression in my work.

Recent paintings (Archaeo series and prior) give form to considerations about the nature of time and history. An interest in the ancient is evoked by the layering of weathered/abraded horizontal bands. New work (Light Study series) investigates broader planes of light and shadow through the architecture of color. Strata—stacked bands of color—are the means to organize rhythm and interval within each painting, and by way of their reading, a means for the viewer to experience it.


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