Katinka Mann

New York, New York, USA

After studying art at the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford, Connecticut, I began a serious, uninterrupted studio practice that continues more robustly than ever today. During the initial few years, I was making paintings and prints. It was via printmaking and constructions uncovering new possibilities at the intersection of color, geometry, light and illusion and in the way they interplay between two and three dimensions over a wide variety of materials. Over the years the finished works have been presented in many forms and combinations as they variously wrap and warp, fold, billow, lie flat, capture the light and challenge the perception of depth.

For me, the hexagon (and later the half hexagon) served as a mantra or mandala. By reducing my focus to this one shape, I have opened up worlds of possibility and a seemingly endless source from which I can draw.

At first this study evolved from printmaking to objects that protruded from the wall. Within the perimeter of an outside shape, I used the half hexagons in cast aluminum, stainless steel and photography to make standing sculptures. I have also utilized it in canvas on armatures, aluminum, photography and works on paper in my wall pieces to further the potential inherent in the half hexagon through reflected light, shadow and the illusion of depth.

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