Kate Beck

South Harpswell, Maine, USA

I create paintings and drawings coalesced of intensity, intimacy and silence that result from a systematic starting point of materials and geometric shape. My muted color cadences and detailed surfaces are parallels to the nature of light.

My work is founded in drawing, which I consider the most visual equivalent to thought. My surfaces evolve intuitively as a response to material placed within a defined space or shape: graphite on paper, oil paint on aluminum panel. They are quiet, yet deliberate.

Subtle gradients of soft and subdued tones evolve from a repeated resolution of line, allowing an essence of life to echo within the austere confines of the structural surface. In this way, a tension is created which oscillates between formalistic geometry and existential space; an allusion to thought and consciousness and the passage of time. This is my structure; my vocabulary.

I believe white to be the most inherently beautiful color as it carries with it the potential to simultaneously expose and negate space.

I believe black to be the most innately powerful color as it is defined by the presence of light as well as by the absence of light.

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