Karen Jacobs

Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Abstraction has been a strong factor in my work since long before I left the highly detailed realism of my early years. From the beginning, my attraction to simplified composition increased until, finally, after considerable evolution, that’s all there is—just the composition, appearing either architectonic in nature or seeming to deal with aerial perspective.

By introducing the ruled line, the geometric aspect of my work was undoubtedly strengthened, and it has become an integral element to my paintings. It provides the yin and yang of hard and soft edges with which I seek to define and solidify the structure of a painting. The line may be hard and ruled, suggesting decisive strength, or it may softly weave within layers of paint and texture. In either case, the flux of color and shape is still free to mingle beneath or within the line. Secondary lines may be much more gestural, created by assorted mark makers, sometimes even carved into the surface.

I have worked extensively with encaustics, printmaking, watercolor, and oils, and each medium has been a joy to explore. Yet it is acrylic on canvas that serves me best by allowing my own spontaneity to flow unharnessed, eventually building a soft, deep surface with selected evidence of the journey intact.

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