Karen Dow

Hamden, Connecticut, USA

We move in and around geometry every day. My paintings are an attempt to create harmony within the framework of organically divided geometric systems. I create and follow a logical process while watching it evolve and become influenced by my desire to resolve the question or problem I propose. I am curious about what sticks in my memory and makes its way into the paintings. While I refer to a non-objective, neoplastic style, my openness to outside references separates the work from Mondrian, whose objective was to eliminate every referential possibility.

The paintings are cumulative, built up over time according to a moment to moment sensitivity to the effect of each part to the whole. The process is instinctive and open. I add and edit colors until I arrive at the palette. I am looking for economy without compromising complexity. I want to arrive at a painting that is easily seen at once as a complete thought. A painting is resolved when I see a path that leads my eye through the painting without a snag.

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