Julian Stanczak ( 1928-2017 )

Seven Hills, Ohio, USA

My primary interest is color, the energy of the different wavelengths and their juxtapositions. But color cannot easily be presented in a vacuum. I paint on a surface in order to offer the temporal element through lines and sequences and to play on the plasticity of change. Shape is secondary to me. Nonetheless, shape is scrupulously investigated because I have to see to it that it is compatible with the behavior of the colors—my primary focus.

The biggest problem with color was, and still is, how do I accommodate it? In what? In what containers? Should I use geometric containers? They are too rough, too cold. They are beautiful, but I am so deeply influenced by nature, and nature doesn’t present itself in a rigid up and down, horizontal and vertical. I use geometry because it provides a beautiful possibility to measure the amount of one action against another action, interacting. But in the end, I don’t want that geometrical distribution to be “loud speaking” to a viewer. I want to melt it down so that the color is primary and the distribution secondary. I want to melt it down, to diffuse it.

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