Julian Jackson

Brooklyn, New York, USA

I have been exploring the language of abstract painting for nearly 30 years led by a sensibility, formed early, which combines a deeply experiential appreciation of nature, most specifically, light, color, and atmosphere, with a fascination with internal composition, ambiguous spatial relationships and underlying formal structures. This set of dichotomies has taken the work on some pendulum swings over the years, now closer to nature, now closer to invented form. The latter has asserted itself in my most recent work imbuing the paintings with an architectural edge and brought the work closer to a historical understanding of pure abstraction.

I have always loved the spaces of buildings, innovative architecture, and abstract paintings, the ways in which our built containers reflect the needs of our corporal ones. We spend our lives passing through doors from one room to the next, passing through shadows, hallways, gazing out of windows, and, for those of us susceptible to the intangible pleasures of paintings, into the imagined spaces to be found within their framing edges. I have always thought of paintings as places that one can visit like a favorite tree. For the moment my work is playing inside, feeling the subtle pressure of walls, their verticality, the light of a doorway, the shift of planes, the flatness and gravity of the floor beneath our feet.

Painting is a difficult form in which to express love, but it is what I have.

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