Judith Duquemin

London, United Kingdom

I paint abstract geometric compositions in a personal hard-edge style using a combination of flat acrylic color fields, irregular grids, silly algorithms, digital graphics, and mixed media. This combination produces a random geometrical composition that serves as a wider platform to negotiate the creative potential of the medium and the development of ideas. Experimentation is the key. A project may be created as painting or a combination of painting and other media, such as digital media or three-dimensional form.

I have been coming to terms with my attraction to geometric abstraction through many projects across twenty years of professional painting practice. In a sense, geometric abstraction reinforces my need to create. Geometry has been a tool to explore identity within time and place, the process of art making, and the conceptual nature of contemporary abstract painting within the history of art and ideas. Through the action of painting, geometry has been recognized as a psychological trigger to articulate memory and artist knowledge. Further, it has operated as a bridge between painting abstraction and digital art to produce hybrid variations of painting. New work focuses on the influence of geometric shape in pictorial composition on color vibrancy.

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