Jon Coffelt

New York, New York, USA

Primarily, my work involves ideas of chaos from order and order from chaos through historical and personal context. I am informed by existing aesthetic constructs that can be historically referenced; however, I encourage the viewer to continue conversations of past, present, and ongoing dialogues of aesthetic theory to uniquely personal levels. By nuancing my work with color, construct, and composition, I empower the viewer’s involvement, allowing them to give form to the indiscriminate areas that evolve in my work. I am passionate about ideas that inform.

Currently with my Circuitry series, I explore new technologies concerning duct-tape. I subvert it by utilizing it alongside traditional mediums such as French vellum. Although there is an inherent awkwardness of mediums, at least in terms of their respective cachets and ideologies, fundamentally they meld well.

The premise here is to investigate the world of computer motherboards—arrangements that are hard-edge and unforgiving—and to interpret them to make them look and feel more accepting, drawing the viewer into a dialogue with this arrangement in terms of what it becomes when the duct-tapes’ structurally pliable nature melds with the semi-transparency of a vellum substrate. The work becomes at once softer, warmer, and less predictable, allowing the viewer to continue to dialogue by going within the structures to explore further relationships to them. This linear-based work overtly suggests organic structuring in spacial arrangements of thickness and thinness, from the very strong lines to the very tenuous.

This marriage between duct-tape and vellum is total debauchery. This play on materials, textures and colors furthers my notion of opposition in each and every way, giving the viewer a sense of control in positive and negative space within this multi-layering and sometimes grafting of colors and textures and different ideologies, inflating the notion of a universe where subversives become part of the fabric of what is a known truth, but instead of causing it to unravel, they make weaker parts stronger.

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