John Fraser

St. Charles, Illinois, USA

For an extended period of time, my work has addressed the basic tenets of structure, surface, form, material, and facture that I believe are central to being a maker of things. I remain interested in the formal and material relationships that exist between one thing and another and of many things in concert. I attempt to reconcile these concerns in a restrained, suggestive, and disciplined way.

Geometry has assisted in the organization of my compositions, and, for me, a way to negotiate the process and control the passage of time. I employ found material in my work because it is part of the world and possesses a very real, latent energy. To work with found material requires a personal, critical act of selection.

Ultimately, my work is about incident and metaphor; the accumulated and worked materials are parallel to the accumulated human contact that takes form in the physical world. It is my intent to offer the prospective viewer an object worthy of study and reflection and to make something that can arrest time, offering a place for contemplation.

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