John Aslanidis

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

In the “Sonic Network” series, I use a set of mathematical intervals to compose the paintings; these are relative to a symmetrical grid on each of the four canvases. This drawing that I use as a reference point to compose my paintings is akin to an algorithm or “musical score,” which allows me to improvise.

I’ve explored this area further, collaborating with sound artists, mainly Berlin-based sound artist, Brian May, creating painting/sound installations. Vibration created by the kinetic resonance of the “Sonic Network” series occupies a sensory dimension, which exists between sound and vision. This interdisciplinary approach has a correlation with music, mathematics and science.

The intention is to create imagery were there is no starting or finishing point, capturing a fragment of infinity. The overall visual effect is one of a perpetual change, with the intention of disorientating the viewer and creating a contemplative mindspace.

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