Jim Osman

New York City, New York, USA

This work comes out of a long interest in the figure and personal space as expressed through furniture and architectural forms conveying not the figure per se, but its presence.

By embodying the figure in absentia a chair or doorway reflects its physiology and posture creating that presence. It is the tension of tacitly implying the figure and its space that intrigues me. How does one suggest presence without overstating it, leaving room for interpretation?

As my sculptures became more reductive I focused on ways to magnify the haptic experience for the viewer. I did this with how I built forms, their surface treatment, scale and color.

In my small-sized work I use scale to create forms and spaces that a viewer can project into having an experience that is both visual and felt. My larger pieces and installations invite viewers to circle the work, adding a time-based aspect to the experience, as when viewing architecture or landscape.

The surface and color also add qualities of scale, create visual rhythms and echoes of furniture/architecture.

It’s the persistence of form and its relation to space to express bodily experience that guides this work.


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