Jessica Snow

San Francisco, California, USA

Making art is about tapping into the joyousness that color and form have upon the eye and mind. A love for painting is a love for the imagination, both the complexities and simplicity of structure, form, colors and shapes, an interweave that works upon the deepest part of the self.

One generally responds first to the color in my work—the rainbow palette, the saturation, the cacophony of hues. For me, however, white is of the utmost importance; it structures, provides light, defines form. The whiteness of the support is the ground upon which all interaction occurs, and the geometry of the support, its edges, corners and format, are part and parcel of the viewer’s perception of the work. Whether my mark is a line, dot, circle, square or an eccentric rhombus, the white space of the paper, gessoed panel or canvas continually holds my attention.

I prefer a simplicity of means. Simple, traditional materials, straightforward shapes, regularly formatted supports.  But through this simplicity, worlds of complexity emerge, which I then attempt to harness into a coherent design. I don’t subscribe to fixed rules, but I can’t say I take it casually, either. Better to hide the sweat, although that doesn’t mean the results aren’t hard-won.

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