Jerome Hershey

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

I make number and text based, color oriented abstract paintings and drawings.

For over four decades, I have used complex repeated linear elements in my work to create fields of light and color whose energy is uplifting and profound. My intention is to bring about a viewing experience that is calming, yet energizing, both stimulating and meditative.

Initially non-objective and geometric, my work gradually included personal references and touched on many of the major events in my life. My current inquiry utilizes words, quotes and numbers that interest me and aid my pursuit of work that is personally meaningful while having a universally “abstract” read.

The paintings are created by repeating and layering the words or numbers found in the title of the piece. I use my own handwriting, fragment each letter or number and assign colors to every unit. Repeated over and over, the words become purposefully illegible, serendipitous rhythms of lines and colors in transition. Ground paint application and colors chosen, as well as the piece’s format (round or not) usually reference the words used. I am interested in the “flow” the marks make, rather than any hint at legibility.

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