Jennifer Goodman

Melbourne, Australia

My involvement in abstract painting centers on geometric compositions where color, tone, form and their balance are integral.

In approaching a painting, I become confronted with a puzzle in which the composition, color and tone need to be adjusted and attuned in order for all the pieces to fit together and for the whole to synchronize. These need to collaborate and be articulate in order for the puzzle to be complete. Only then can they hold together and evoke a stable, mellow and strong presence.

A painting is complete when it demonstrates a symbiotic relationship of form, color and tone. Successful cooperation, collaboration and articulation of these three allow harmony and stability.

Compositionally, I like to present shapes in a flat, defined, two-dimensional form, although they appear to be layered into a three-dimensional space and format. I strive to have order, but not rigidity; structure, harmony and unity, but with a sufficient amount of ambiguity to allow the viewer room to interpret the work individually in his or her own way. I try not to be bound by technical correctness, and in this way, hopefully, avoid rigidity and sustain the ambiguity.

I set myself tasks that push my limits—a form of daring myself to overcome a problem. For example, I may intentionally construct an asymmetrical and irregular composition and try to compensate for this by manipulating and anchoring the color and tone that I select. This work can be seen as a precarious balance . Contrastingly, I may take a symmetrical composition and push towards a very subtle asymmetry by using differing colors on each side. Interestingly, if the task has been handled successfully, indications of the difficulty or effort required are not apparent.

I have a passion to attune the canvas and colors—to mix all my colors so that they become specifically, emotionally and idiosyncratically mine.

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