Jean Wolff

New York, New York, USA

In my work, I am focused on working with a reduced visual vocabulary that consists of two primary elements—a circle and a grid. My primary interest is in exploring the relationship of the grid to the geometric elements that are contained within it.

The recent works reflect the continued circle and grid relationship; however, through a manipulation of color and spatial elements, the circle and grid are systematically broken down by the tension of a push—pull scenario. In addition, by changing the scale of the circles in breaking the grid, I have created a new visual vocabulary. In creating these works, I am interested in exploring the many possible configurations and the relationships of the elements within the canvas plane in order to create an emotional and visual experience. More recently completed works begin to introduce the further deconstruction of the grid and the regrouping of the circle. Ultimately, it is the depth of possibilities that the circle, grid and color present that is of the utmost importance to the work.

In these works, I have forged a system over structure, not simply by deploying shifts in pattern, color and materials or by working differently with the physicality of density, layers and collision. Meaning is derived from reference and form, such as when one considers the micro/macro parallel relationships in these paintings. Are we examining under a microscope or gazing at something barely decipherable, from a distance? Is what is being observed, derived from reference and form, from seeing the meniscus of the cell or the decision to remove color from the ground? Living within our information-driven society, I have taken the time to gesture towards this bombardment of information as well as our attempts to carve out personal space within the pressure-driven urban setting. The forms in the paintings take note of all this, authorizing a space so that space and paint are one.

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