Jean Feinberg

New York, New York, USA

My work over the years has used both three-dimensional elements and painting with an ongoing interest in enlivening a minimalist vocabulary of form through texture, paint application and color. That interest has often used geometric abstraction and collaged materials.

In this work, found and salvaged pieces of wood with a history of color and wear are juxtaposed with decisive color choices, an uninflected paint application, and use the vehicle of a sparse geometry. The colors are always mixed to a matte, light-absorbent quality and tweaked according to my desired and subtle sense of hue and light. I use color chips as my color reference, and inspirations for those choices are varied.

Abstraction has always been my expressive vehicle. I like its openness and presentation of qualities rather than narrative. This work, which merges minimalism, construction, and geometric abstraction with my deepest experiences of color, represents the most recent development in a my years of painting and has been decisively influenced by the landscape and weather of the Hudson Valley.

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