Jan Hendriks

Landsmeer, The Netherlands

I work with simple forms (squares, lines) and materials (paper, art board, wood, MDF, foam board) in simple rhythmic compositions. “Simple” means: a straight line, simpler than a plane; a square, simpler than a rectangle. Everything that is not important or redundant can be left out. Simple also means: no color, white.

I prefer to work in a language of minimal elements: a repetition of the same element, sometimes with little shifts or distortions. Sometimes there are more elements that amplify each other, but do not confuse and in that way form a new element. The handwriting that takes shape during the process just exists and can be there.

It is a continuing investigation of what is possible with these minimal means and their shape properties. With these minimal elements endless structures take shape, with no accents, no main issues, no side issues. I present a strong image of emptiness, of silence and peacefulness in a meditative atmosphere.

My work does not point to existing realities, nor is it a picture of that reality. There are no statements, no meanings, symbols or messages. My work does not pretend to be more that itself: a composition of forms. That is why my work aligns best with definitions used to define “Concrete Art”.

“The work must be constructed totally from pure visual elements. A visual element has no other meaning than itself, and therefore the picture has no other meaning than itself” —van Doesburg, ± 1930

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