Hendrik Dijk

Loenen, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Like many other artists, I have “found” myself working in a geometric and abstract manner—much more than it being a very conscious choice. Geometric abstraction is the area that allows me to endlessly explore. It draws on the reality within my being.

My work is about energy, not about meaning. I am a colorist and use form to enable a free chromatic expression. Colors are like people. They like good neighbors. There are no bad colors, only bad application. Every color has character, spirit. While I am working I feel the spirit of a color. It is a fascination that I have known since my earliest days. It never tires.

Color is light. I seek to make colors feel like emanating light.

It is my goal to reach a level of ambiguity where colors are in a harmonious, yet competitive, state at the same time so as to keep the eye of the viewer interested.

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