Heidi Spector

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


My work is a response to art that invites viewers to react emotionally to the world around them. Meant to deny the temptation for reflection of the soul, the colors, paint, geometry, vibrations, scale, intervals and texture form an external expression of order. And yet, there is no denial of meaning in these geometric minimalist works. While emotional context is illusive, the vibration of colors is evocative of self-reference in themes of musical rhythm, club life from an era past, techno beats and narcissism. Through usage of repetitive vertical/horizontal/diagonal geometric compositions in acrylic with resin on birch panels, cubes and rhombuses, the viewer is prompted to experience the dance of colors, each specifically chosen to vibrate one against the other so that he or she may feel, see and hear the musical pulse. As each color bounces off the other, the choice of color and geometric shape influences the experience for the viewer. As the viewer participates in this synthesis of senses, the impact of color and geometric forms on humans is brought into focus and yet not meant for interpretation.

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