Gualtiero Savelli

Rome, Italy

I did not choose geometry; rather geometry has chosen me. I felt drawn to geometric shapes as a child, and this attraction was not rational. When I began painting, after trying many genres, I felt that my work always tended toward the geometrization of forms. Today, geometric shapes represent for me a grammar of painting, choice being limited (“less is more”), without overt references to everyday life, and with the clarity that I love.

Geometry is the backbone of all great art, even that which is naturalistic. In abstract works, it is at the forefront. A work of art always has various levels. What makes an artwork good, workable, “artistic” is not rational. It is a “nescio quid,” an “I don’t know.” I need geometry to build the work, but the artistic solution is generated by elements that are elusive, intangible—composition, color, etc. What I reject is the use of geometry as a means against chaos, as a remedy for the disorder and wickedness of the world, as a remedy for anxiety.

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