Grant Wiggins

Tempe, Arizona, USA

My work negotiates the seemingly opposed polarities of minimalism and maximalism.

My interest in minimalist art—a compositional strategy that relies on essential elements— has inspired me to produce nonrepresentational, geometric paintings with colorful curves and interlocking shapes.

Yet, I am also fascinated by maximalism—or my version of it, at least— in which I fashion geometric paintings with disorienting “mix-and-clash” arrangements, where graphic elements such as patterns, stripes, broken corporate logos and jarring colors collide.

I am not satisfied to produce art with only one kind of “look.” While I am fascinated by the reductive, pure forms found in minimalist art, I enjoy experimenting with the over-the-top, high-octane ornamentation found in maximalism. Time after time, I get inspired by a minimalist art ideal, only to get bored and start decorating again.

Regardless of which compositional strategy I am employing, design remains the common genetic thread in my work. I find inspiration in everything from consumer products—packaging boxes of prepared foods and race car designs—to vintage geometric textiles, Op Art, and Brutalist architecture.

Rather than explain away my work, however, I prefer to let my work operate on its own terms, leaving the viewer to experience, and hopefully enjoy, the literal act of seeing.

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