Gonçalo Ivo

Paris, France

I am an intuitive artist. I work exclusively with tempera, oils and watercolors. I had a brief tryst with engraving. I printed a few dozen tiny images in metal. All were unique pieces, directly tinted on the metal plates. In August 2008 I started once again to make metal prints.

Intuition guides me. I do not rationalize while I paint. I simply breathe, move ahead. I do not seek anything; sometimes I try to reach an unattainable coloring.

Color makes me think in a plastic manner. I am more linked to chromatic action than to formal structure. The knowing how to do is probably the result of repetition. To paint, it is necessary to leap over the wall of dreams—to move on to other views.

Sometimes in my work, references appear to Cézanne, Klee, Mondrian, Braque. At other times, to timeless fabrics, ancient cultures, a sort of evasion, a strange mixture of sources. Before the beginning, there is always something. There is the mystery and the movement of the hand, the construction of the brushstroke and the unexplainable. Images emerge– fish farms with their imprecise architecture bathed by the blue of the sky and the green of the sea.

I am a painter by vocation. My painting is an act of devotion.

I am a “pictorial animal”. The studio is my space. In it I feel free, as time does not exist. My painting is not the illustration of my feelings.

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