Gerard van der Horst

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Painting and drawing are ways of bringing an internal, dreamlike vision into being. Since the early days of my career as an artist I have preferred to work with straight lines and geometric forms. They have a clear, structural presence on which I can build new forms and relations. My objective in art is to paint imaginary forms or structures that correspond to my dreams.

I like open structures that have the ability to self-develop into new structures and forms. Although working with straight lines seems a rational approach, I handle them intuitively. Putting lines or forms into place is based upon my feeling of what is the right thing to do. Sometimes they relate to the size of the picture, or they may seem to be isolated and floating. I repeat and rotate forms, associate them into units or even disrupt them when necessary.

Vague remembrances of my internal images and also of my older works help steer the process. Chance is a part of it, I accept missteps or technical accidents as I try to integrate them into the work. Working with paint and tape on paper gives me the opportunity to work as directly as when drawing and at the same time execute a painting while keeping the outcomes open as long as possible.

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