Georgi Dimitrov

Sofia, Bulgaria

i arrived at geometric abstraction after a degree in international affairs and by learning the simple practice of recording my ideas. at the beginning, i would employ literary means. later, words turned into shapes, and sentences became multicoloured schemes. it was a process of transforming thoughts into conceptual maps or compositions. once, a friend of mine gave me a book on de stijl. i realised i had not been alone—the more i read about that and other non-figurative art movements across the world, the more i knew about myself and where i stood.

gradually, lines would straighten along the four cardinal directions and angles rectified. detail was minimised and colours were reduced to a strict chromatic suite. here is how i naturally came to the creation of my own system of rhetorics—orthogonal art. apart from a visual language, it is also the convention that i use in all sorts of social interaction. based on a few physical parameters, the process of objectifying ideas has evolved into a communication pattern. i can hardly find any distinction between art and life.

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