George Johnson

Frankston, Victoria, Australia

Painting to me is a slow, logical and organic development. I realized that art was not something separated from life, but was a vital part of it—that art was the expression of man’s most conscious moments. As a non-figurative painter, art’s most abstract element has been of great interest to me —I refer to line. In my early paintings I used line freely and spontaneously. I loved its variety, its inexhaustibility. I made “collage” shapes of serrated-edged lines and manipulated these about on the page.

This collage process became my means of drawing . I found that its usage was capable of creating shapes, that line itself became shape. Another element, that of space, was starting to take care of itself. To develop painting was next. I do not wish to use in painting anything I do not understand. Things that have not been sorted out are of no use; to my way of thinking, there is no room for doubt in painting. It is organic and logical. I do not want to use everything in painting. I hope to know a little and to know it well, and on this principle build the world I believe in.

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Charles Nodrum Gallery, Richmond, Victoria, Australia

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