Gabriele Evertz

Brooklyn, New York, USA

My work investigates sensations and perceptions.

The history and theory of color serve as basic tools of organization. Geometric elements form the simple visual language that furthers clarity.

My palette consists of the colors of the spectrum plus black and white. My particular practice of painting demands uniform precision of the painting facture that frees the viewer to concentrate on color effects that suddenly alter with viewing distance and duration.

Informed by neuroscience and leaps of intuition, my paintings aim to reveal a new visual experience by articulating an objective, thus universal, color language that is based on certain predications of the viewer’s response. But the meaning remains open to subjective readings, and color oscillates between reason and rapture.

Attentive viewing may turn from phenomenological moments to states of reflection, which bring with them a heightened awareness of being-in-the-world where vision, thought, and feeling concur.

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