Fabrice Deloor

Brussels, Belgium

When I first started to paint, I instantly felt at ease with the non-objective world. Since my earliest works I’ve always explored geometric abstraction.

Before their realization, I develop compositions with shapes and colors that I try to make communicate together as a whole. I want to produce work that lives within the surface of the canvas and is not connected to the exterior world.

Normally, I assign numbers to my works rather than names. I avoid titles because I want viewers to respond to the work itself, to experience it on their own terms.

My influences include, among others, Mondrian, Claude Toussignant, and Belgian artists Charles Baugniet, Gilbert de Cock, and Amédée Cortier. My curiosity always leads me to seek new ways to work with geometry.

Painting gives me pleasure, and I hope this sense of pleasure will be shared by viewers as they experience my work.

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