Esteban Castillo

Barquisimeto, Venezuela

My geometric work is the result of many years of work. In my first figurative works—The Machines—color was always predominant. Upon arriving in Paris in 1967, kinetics and geometry were at the forefront of art. I began to focus my work on geometry, and the first squares and triangles appeared in my work. In London in 1970, my work focused on volume and relief in black and white where light played a very important role.

Returning to Paris in late 1972, I worked with color on a flat surface. Programming modules and progressions formed the leitmotiv of my explorations. In 1976, I began to work with the tangram, originally a Chinese puzzle, and my work departed from the rigor and programming of previous years. Square and  triangles were assembled on the surface and color again became decisive.

In recent years, I use bars of colors, modular forms, squares and triangles that are grouped to create a geometric art form sui generis, using forms that are mixed and placed like writing to fill a space. This is the challenge—each day facing a blank canvas, trying to make colors breathe in a harmonious union.

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