Emma Langridge

Melbourne, Australia

I tend to create single works over multiple panels, always rectangular in form. The primary intent is the reconciliation of the given area, using striped sections for the “object” and solid sections for the field or “background.” These stripes tend to be 1mm in width, although many paintings have multiple widths to denote different sections of the form.

I try to create a sequence based on the overall composition, which transcends the individual panel, usually breaking the shape up into recurring motifs: the meander, the broken loop, the interlocking form, etc.

My paintings play on the assumptions of continuation, pattern recognition and the mind’s tendency to complete the incomplete. I do not mind that most people cannot discern the overall sequence/form, as part of the pleasure for me is in the encryption.

For the last few years, I have been moving from flat right-angle based meandering shapes and interlocking two dimensional forms towards the appearance of a three-dimensional “object,” although I maintain that my work is non-objective. This I do by using a flawed perspective, reminiscent of isometric drawings, which creates a warped and flattened sense of space.

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