Edda Jachens

Stuttgart, Germany

In my work I use rectangular forms, particularly the square or forms based on the square. Sometimes I also use circles. My hard-edged geometric forms are covered by a thick layer of paraffin that transforms the whole composition into something lively. For me, these forms are parables of repose, order, clarity and perfection—values I seek in life.

Paraffin is the second element my work is based on, and it is equal in importance to the underlying forms. Through the paraffin, my colors and forms shine as if from somewhere else. The forms begin to hover within the wax, and they achieve a sort of movement in the silence. In this way, my paintings attain a transcendent quality and the geometric forms increase in intensity. For the most part, my compositions are as simple and minimal as they can be. The more simple the composition is, the more strength it has—that is my experience with my work.

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