Dieter Balzer

Berlin, Germany

A central element of my work is dedicated to research into that moment when order has not reached its purest form or when order itself starts to topple.

This is so because of my mistrust of closed (perceptual) systems.

I suspect that total symmetry, completely uniform pattern, the absence of color or its submission to a rigid system fulfill legitimate needs, but are no longer contemporary.

My work is subject to fundamental and ever-refining methods. Within my chosen artistic discourse, this is almost compulsory.

Basic elements combine, creating new qualities, building unities, which themselves build relationships with other unities.

Different lines have developed and strengthened; these are more or less obvious in the individual works and series of works.

In recent years, my work has focused on a three-dimensional, but almost flat, format. The work is hung on the wall and is basically perceived frontally. The wall somehow functions like a vertical pedestal, its white neutrality in the open areas being part of my artistic strategy.

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