Deanna Sirlin

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I make gestural abstractions that are based on and in reaction to my inner and outer world. The search for the self in my own art has become a place for me to stay and consider. With each stroke I am refinding myself, circling myself and rearticulating myself. I dig deeper like an archaeologist—cataloging, revealing, securing and seeing as I go. The most natural movement for me to make with my hand recently seems to be circular: round, eclipsed, mouthed with teeth, and molecular. I also find myself moving in circles: on an airplane waiting to land; the path I walk twice a day around my pasture; the stroke my arms make while I swim in the local pool of cold deep blue water.

My art is a wrestling match between the painted image made by my hand and the digital one that has been mediated by technology. Technology has become my new eye and new tool that allows me to see inside my own paintings. I enlarge a small segment of one of my paintings to a magnification of 50 times and image it onto a new surface that I then work on and with, and in direct reaction to my own self.

My paintings these days reflect my view of life. When I am making a painting, the work has a particular pleasure of being, which articulates itself in color, form and composition. The circular shapes, sometimes like eyes, sometimes like planets, dance around the surface. They float up and down, have small conversations, an occasional epiphany, and mostly express a passion for living.

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