David Buckden

Deal, United Kingdom

My work currently, and over the past few years, features the use of geometry to create dynamic visual experiences. I am expecting that the experience will vary considerably for different viewers, especially because people’s perception of things like spatial compliance and symmetry are far from uniform. Although my work has been primarily intended to be visually referenced only to itself, I have recently begun to utilize language—in the work’s title—to “complete” a visual concept; hence, in my current series of paintings, Perfect Symmetry, you may find actual symmetry is found only in the title itself and/or its provenance.

The paintings typically present a simple, emblematic shape—a cross, an “x” or a snowflake—which the casual observer will register as symmetrical by preconceived expectation. On closer scrutiny, a range of anomalies will be found. As either a help or a hindrance to such concentrated study, I will often paint in some of the afterimages likely to be generated by the higher contrast pattern sections—and, anyway, in the 21st century we expect everything on a plate, don’t we? This device is intended to promote an additional visual dynamic as the observer’s eye/brain seeks to reconcile actual and representational afterimages.

As my work and concepts evolve, I expect to continue to use geometry as a basic visual language facilitating focus on the perception of detail and order and the especially engaging effects of color juxtaposition and gradation.

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