Daniel Tostivint

Cléguérec, France

My initial geometric compositions, which date from 1969, were made exclusively with circles and curves and were very colorful.

Over time, my work became much more uncluttered; curves gave way to straight lines. Then I quickly gave priority to simple forms—squares or rectangles—covered with from flat to glossy paint.

For some time, I have worked with relief, adding thickness to the geometric forms, and I added colored rods whose shadows create interesting graphic effects: the colors’ reflections enrich the color harmonies.

To begin with, I explore small formats. I create cardboard reliefs and try out different color harmonies.

Currently, I carve my geometric forms in a medium that I color or wax, opposing matte to shiny. Proportion is an ongoing concern as well as color relations within a restrained palette.

Little by little, I simplify and simplify again …

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