Daniel G. Hill

New York, New York, USA

My work is currently at one end of a pendulum swing in the sense that I am fixated on the work’s method of construction and its physical presence. The woven work, “Black White Weave 1 – St. John Chrysostom,” relates to a painting done twenty years ago, but is the outcome of more recent historical research of Byzantine ecclesiastical vestments and a structural analysis of their patterns, which result from the mechanics of weaving. The books, “10 Ways,” entail a similar synthesis of structure and image through the weaving of a single thread in a closed circuit between the panels of each book. At the same time, the books evolve directly from a concurrent series of wire works whose forms are affected by gravity, the force that makes the pendulum swing.

All of these works use humble materials and processes, which are intrinsic to the resulting forms. Systems are at play, and geometry is the receptacle within which events are structured and presented.

For roughly a decade (2003–2013), I worked exclusively with digital imaging and printing, drawing from the geometry of the urban environment as well as prior paintings and etching plates. In the “Red Gray Grid” series, I used photography to re-present some of the more ephemeral conditions affecting a painting’s reception by a viewer—specifically, lighting, point of view and depth of field and their impact on surface and color. The “Blue Plate” series is a meditation on the nature and meaning of the digital print in the context of the perplexing network of abstraction, illusion and representation.

The selection of paintings presented here date from the 1990s and are primarily about the relationship between color and structure. The grid, with its edges, intersections and capacity for movement, is a natural choice. The works were inspired by both textiles and musical structures.

A common aspect of all of this work is the tendency to give rise to the questions, “What am I looking at, how do I relate to it and how do I understand it?” Such self-reflexive viewing is my goal, as an artist’s role is to remind us of our capacity to wonder.

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