Clive (Hanz) Hancock

London, UK

My main concern is to represent my reactions to and feelings about the rate of flux in the urban environment. I live in a part of  London that retains an immense sense of history; it was an important shipbuilding area in the 17th century, but old industries have been swept aside by massive, newly-built residential developments.

The forms I create suggest a positive response to this. They reflect the interplay of color, mood and atmosphere that is enacted on the surface of these buildings and the spaces that are suggested between them. The shadows, the interplay of graduated colors against each other, and the surfaces that create kinetic depth animate what at first might appear to be a complex, flat weave.

My work is governed by a loose numerical order that mimics a mathematical, geometric/architectural code. The aesthetics of my work, however, are fundamentally influenced by my Cornish background, which is why I use the Cornish language, with its innate poetic quality, for the titles of my work. I feel that this aspect enhances my work and humanizes what might otherwise appear brutalist or inaccessible, as is the case in so much of this type of work.

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