Clint Jukkala

Wallingford, Pennsylvania, USA

My paintings are inspired by the geometric landscape that surrounds me. From architecture to digital pixilation, I am interested in basic building structures. Atom-like units such as bricks and pixels are elemental parts that create complex structures through accumulation. In my work, this accumulation takes the form of geometric characters that inhabit the paintings. While these characters are ostensibly abstract, they may refer to anything from buildings and circuits to textiles and figures. They are forms belonging to a virtual world where architecture and technology merge. It is a world lit by synthetic color and held together by geometry.

The systematic use of geometry is balanced by the intuitive use of color and the improvisational approach to drawing. While my paintings look tight and ordered in reproduction, they are painted in oil without tape or a straightedge. In person, the surfaces and lines waver and wobble showing the inexactitude of the hand and the process of making.

My influences include Legos, Albers, Atari, and modernist architecture. The “frames” within my paintings set up the space for the interior characters to reside. The frames declare the edge of the picture and also suggest screens, as if the forms inside the screens are being viewed on a monitor. For me, the paintings function as metaphors that suggest the triumphs and failures of the physical world, geometry, and the human psyche.

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