Claudine Boucq

Rixensart, Belgium

After many years of figurative painting, I increasingly felt the need to explore abstraction. Naturally and instinctively, I first turned to geometry, and there I discovered a source of limitless inspiration. I then began to study at a school of fine art, and there I was really able to pursue my aspirations. I followed my spontaneous desire to play with color and form, and I became interested in the origins of this movement.

I tried to construct an architecture of lines and forms with the help of colors that were never used straight from the tube, but always mixed. It is the study of color and balance that gives me the greatest satisfaction.

The purpose of my work is to inspire a careful viewing of the entire surface of the painting, and to thus induce sustained observation and meditation-like reflection. I would like the viewer to discover different elements each time they look at the painting.

Some works have more structure than others, and then I focus uniquely on the balance of colors. I also enjoy continued research and experimentation through variety of technique and handling of materials. I don’t like to remain static in my work.

“Some see Geometry and Poetry as opposites. As for me, when poetry flags, I willingly take up geometry, and I often see, as a natural reaction to too much geometry over several hours or even days, that poetry is reborn.” — Paul Valéry, Notebooks

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