Christine Vaillancourt

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

My paintings are about making connections through time using geometry and space. I am drawn to the early twentieth century European work of De Stijl and the Constructivists. In my work, I hope to carry the viewer forward from the early 1900s to the 1950s, the decade of my childhood. Formica countertops, curtains with bold geometry, circular bases for lamps are part of my early memories. Post-war enthusiasm for engineering and machine production manifested itself in design, in particular textiles filled with abstract color blocks, circles and lines. Fast forward fifty years to the present. The motifs in my paintings can also remind the audience of symbols or elements in the modern high-tech and industrial world. There is a connection to mathematical symbols, computer language, or a modern hieroglyphics.

I hope to further engage the viewer with illusory techniques, making acrylic look like encaustic and fooling the eye with depth perception. Calculated and precise multi-colored shapes—circles, ovals, squares, rectangles and dots—levitate in space. I create this effect by layering forms beneath heavily applied translucent acrylic medium. There is a visual depth as well as a literal depth to the work. I want to entice the viewer to enter my world of contained, but free-moving objects that gently bump the edges as if held suspended in an aquarium.

My work is a study of geometry, color, line, space, movement, and the natural human connection of elemental geometry as a metaphor.

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