Christine Maudy

Queensland, Australia

I am committed to abstraction. The work of Mark Rothko, Willem De Kooning and Paul Klee had a strong impact on my artistic education.

I don’t try to depict reality; I rely on color, contrast and texture to convey my feelings and make things visible. My canvases are a mix of purely formal elements and potential narrative. Images originate in fragments of personal and cultural history, in responses to travel, recollection of journeys. Traces of places once visited, of colors seen evolve as an introspective diary of history, times and places.

I spend a lot of time observing to absorb some details that I will use as a starting point for an abstraction. I love experimenting and am always looking for new techniques.

I often start my paintings with a layer of collage, sand and impasto before developing the work with subtle layers of intermixed colors in acrylic, oil, glazing and gold leaf. I use a variety of mixed materials including pigment, Chinese paper and sand to create a surface that undulates with intense patterning and texture.

I incorporate in the process details extracted from landscapes, walls, objects, transposing them in geometrical shapes, lines, scratches, brush marks and movements. I work from within, letting all the elements I have been gathering come back with my feelings.

I have an obsession for the square, the most perfect geometrical shape, and for lines. A line, boundary, edge or contour is an agent of location, energy and growth.

My key words are balance, contrast, and color. I construct my paintings carefully, focusing on the visual qualities of shape and space, texture and light, free from the constraints of real world objectivity. Clearly separated forms coexist with fluidity, a combination of floating and solidity. The tactile quality of the work is part of the process.

I need the stimulation to produce a coherent exhibition centering on a particular subject or a tangible reflection of my research and introspection. It is then to have the pleasure of seeing it come alive in front of a public audience.

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