Carrie Patterson

Leonardtown, Maryland, USA

I paint to give expression to the experience of inhabiting space. I am involved in a practice of recording visual events in order to understand the impact of the physical on the emotional world around me. My hope is to create a geometric object that embodies a poetic, physical translation of place.

The geometry found in architectural forms holds my attention. I am particularly interested in the vernacular architecture of places that I know well. I live in southern Maryland and am interested in historic chapels, barns, and temporary billboards. I visit particular sites over a period of time. My visits are a way of mining an experience of the building and the land as a living body. Through the accumulation of remembered experiences, I create objects made out of blocks, paper, and paint that imply a narrative of time observed and felt by the viewer.

Embedded in my process is the choice to slow down the speed of information and find meaning in subtle variation. I layer paint on the canvas, block on block and paper on paper, until a sensation of spatial elasticity is realized. In each object that I make, I distill shape, line and color into the simplest components, creating a body of work where time and sequence become important. I work on many surfaces at once, altering the arrangement of built canvas, line, shape and color in subtle degrees, much like a choreographer would alter a repetitive action across the stage.

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