Stockholm, Sweden

I have always worked with a clear geometric language and am fascinated by the dynamics inherent in simple geometric shapes—in my case, primarily straight lines and squares, always with right angles. Architecture and urban environments are sometimes sources of inspiration. But just as often, the images comes from within myself.

I strive for balance in color, shape and value. Measurements, scales, distances, sizes, relationships are key words. My works are created in a slow intuitive and iterative process, built up in several layers, sometimes transparent, where the transparency creates new shapes and colors. Sometimes color gradients are used to reinforce color action.

No irony. No cynicism. No hidden messages. No morality. Shapes persistently repeated, side by side or stacked. Wordless and silent images without a point of reference. No beginning and no end. All paths in and out of the images are open. Colors and shapes lead the viewer’s gaze, and the colors create movement, which the viewer follows. Shapes move; they both coalesce and separate. Transparency and overlap create multiple readings of what lies in front or behind.

The result is a sometimes labyrinthine construction of form and color where color contrasts play with and against one another and where there is balance and harmony. Sometimes I challenge myself as I work from a place of disharmony in color and shape. I seek a resolution that achieves a new form of balance and harmony.

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