Burton Kramer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am a lyrical colorist painter in the tradition of Geometric Abstraction. My works are infused with sounds and rhythms, with almost choreographic visual references to dancing feet, to jazz, to bebop, the lindy hop, baroque music, marching massed hurdy-gurdys, Mozart, multi-layered Senegalese and Haitian drumming.

In my work, the placement, size, shape and organization of my geometry provides the musical structure, while the use of rich, often quirky color provides the sounds. I bring the carefully tuned eye of years of successful design practice to my craft, as have many well known international artists.

From a background that includes color studies with the renowned Josef Albers at Yale, personal contact with leading European constructivist artists and more recent dialogue with website-based international artists, my work offers a thoughtful, intentionally light hearted visual positivism and order in an art scene often submerged in angst, literalism, shock and slight entertainment presenting itself as art.

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