Bob Gregson

Orange, Connecticut, USA

My work is a hinge between artist and audience. The pieces are invitations to be involved. One enters the work through the visual stimulation of color and systematic rationale of geometric structure. Hard-edge geometry is used to present the “game” with implicit instructions imbedded within. By being able to turn a panel, plywood wall constructions give the viewer permission to touch the piece and thus become an active player. When rotated, these panels connect the design in different ways—or in some cases, break the visual structure in a dynamic manner. Geometric grids allow the work to be rearranged in a variety of ways, thus never actually being “finished”—or frozen into one single image. The work is continually reinterpreted and refreshed through those who encounter it. In the three-dimensional metal sculptures, the game is about framing. In this case the geometry provokes playful interactions as one finds various vantage points by lining up the circles and ovals that cut through the pieces. In addition, they prompts people to playfully interact with one another, thus providing an additional complex activity.

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