Beth Caspar

New York, New York, USA

Pattern is something all humans seek and psychologically crave from the time they are first able to recognize it. Amid confusion it offers clarity; it’s logical and organizes disorder. Geometry is such an integral part of human existence that I believe some geometric shapes—the circle, square, and triangle in particular—have become part of the collective unconscious and are manifested as metaphors for such states as stability, continuity and harmony.

But can a very complicated, perhaps even bewildering, pattern impart a sense of calm and order? To visually test that hypothesis, I use simple numeric sequences, planar geometric shapes—circle, square, etc,—and an organizing principle such as a grid or an X/Y axis to produce complex, multilayered images. I view the work as experiments using pattern and shape as part of a continuing exploration of the relationship between the predictable and the unpredictable, the systematic and the random.

In executing the drawings, which are graphite—powdered and stick—and colored pencil, I try to remain as objective as possible and avoid “expressive” mark making, often by using templates and mechanical devices.

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