Audrey Stone

Brooklyn, New York, USA

“A line is one-dimensional. It has zero width. If you draw a line with a pencil, examination with a microscope would show that the pencil mark has a measurable width. The pencil line is just a way to illustrate the idea on paper. In geometry however, a line has no width.”

“A Line is a straight path that is endless in both directions”

Two characteristics of a line that are integral to its geometry are its endlessness and its representation on paper. Both of these have been integral for me since I began my personal exploration of lines.

Using a grid format as a basic structure, I began with parallel lines of varying densities. Eventually that gave way to intersecting lines and the formation of angles in irregular patterns.

I was interested in the comparison of a drawn line versus a plum line sewn to the paper. The drawn lines appear straight at first glance, but on closer examination reveal the natural inaccuracies of the human hand. As I strove to draw a perfectly straight line, inevitably a bump or curve would appear in its path. This evidence of limitation remains alongside the desire for perfection. Comparisons within the work happen between the drawn and sewn lines and observing how deceptive both are.

My exploration of line continued over into paintings where thread and floss contrast with painted lines and surfaces. Similarly in my sewn paintings the materials blend at first glance, but reveal their differences on closer inspection. The most exciting part of the work for me comes from the small surprises—edges that bleed a little more than I had intended, an unexpected space of exposed canvas or a kink in a smooth line of thread.

I use shape, line and color to express the underlying feeling within each piece, finding expression through the use of geometric forms, variety of surface, texture, color combination, and materials. The effects of materials feel very different even when they appear the same. Drawn and painted lines become a part of the surface or skin of the paper or canvas, whereas the thread/floss are at times sculptural, resting just above the surface, creating dimension, casting shadow, and a reminder that the canvas itself is made of thread.

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