Astrid Fitzgerald

New York , New York, USA

The principle informing my work is that the more universal, the more primal the thought, the more powerfully it will speak to the harmony within each human being. Such work also stands aloof from current trends, transcending style, taste and method. Whereas color has a life of its own and speaks directly to the emotions, form and line based on number and measure speak directly to the mind.

While most of my work explores traditional modernist aesthetic concerns, it owes its formal basis to philosophical geometry, in particular the Golden Mean proportion with its inherent harmony and unity, providing me simultaneously with substructure and infinite possibility.

Some of my works hint at the underlying order and symmetry of the universe as revealed in physics and astronomy, while others explore, by means of illusionism, the insubstantiality of matter. The overall aim is always to express the subtle movements from depth to surface, from the insubstantial to the concrete, from emptiness to fullness, from inner to outer realities, but always questioning the apparent solidity of matter, of surface and material.

What these images all have in common is their energy and perpetual play, seen in the shifting of chaos and order coming from a single source.

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